About the Compendium

With funding from The Commonwealth Fund and the California HealthCare Foundation, CPR has launched Tracking the Nation’s Progress on Payment Reform, a project that is producing a National Scorecard on Payment Reform and a National Compendium on Payment Reform. CPR’s National Scorecard on Payment Reform tracks the status of the private sector’s progress from volume- to value-oriented payment on a national and regional basis. The National Compendium on Payment Reform, a resource for employers, plans, providers, journalists and policymakers, is a web-based, searchable and sortable, descriptive database of private-sector payment reform initiatives across the country, . Both the National Scorecard and National Compendium are populated with data from health plans, which was gathered through the National Business Coalition on Health’s eValue8 platform.  The Scorecard provides information about payment reform at an aggregate level, without identifying individual health plans. Over time, the Compendium will grow as payment reform program sponsors add information about more programs and pilots happening across the country.

Together, the Scorecard and Compendium aim to catalyze action toward payment reform by monitoring and illustrating where the country stands in its effort to move toward value-oriented payment

New Payment Reform Programs
Payment reform comes in many different flavors, designed to move our health care system toward paying for value. The Compendium will help us keep abreast of innovation and experimentation in payment reform and how and where it is occurring.  Visit the search page to learn more about some of the newest programs across the nation.

Have an innovative payment reform program to share?
The National Compendium on Payment Reform invites those who administer payment reform pilots and programs, called “sponsors,” to upload information about their efforts. Learn more or get started and share information about your program.